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Anne Vriend-When It´s You (Daniel Troha RMX)

Remixed by Daniel Troha

ANN VRIEND • When It´s You (Daniel Troha RMX)

Vriend released a popular demo in 2000 which received immediate radio play on stations across western Canada and earned her a spot at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. A year later she won a songwriting contest which took her to Nashville, Tennessee and helped fund her debut album, Soul Unravelling (2003), which was well received by critics and sold well for an independent release. The album is now in its fifth pressing.[2]

Vriend’s second album, Modes of Transport, was released two years later. „Feelin‘ Fine“, the album’s first single, was put on heavy rotation by a local adult contemporary/jazz radio station. A third album, When We Were Spies, was released on March 11, 2008. Produced by Juno-nominated Douglas Romanow, it contains fuller production, drawing on modern pop sounds. A single, „St. Paul“, received heavy rotation in her hometown of Edmonton and hit the Top 30 on radio stations in Toronto and Cologne (Germany). Vriend’s first music video, for „(If We Are Not) Spies“, was released in mid-2008.


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